Business Centers and Retail

Through our FlightDeck operations, Paracom helps travelers stay in touch and be productive while on the road. Since 2000, we have provided business services and retail travel products at Honolulu International Airport. Our centers also offer high speed internet access, along with copy/fax, and delivery services through the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. Currently, we have expanded and now operate five (5) stores at the Honolulu International Airport, offering a wide range of travel accessories, electronics, Crocs footwear, and Boeing products.

FlightDeck is an authorized retailer for the Boeing Company, Hawaiian Airlines and Crocs Footwear.

Postage and Shipping
Postage and Shipping Services at Honolulu Int'l AirportAt each Flight Deck and business center location, Paracom offers reliable shipping and postal services for your convenience inside the terminal. Since the dropboxes inside security are no longer collected, we are now the only locations in the HNL airport that offers mailing and postal services.